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I just want to thank you all for the nurturing environment you have created for Eve. She thoroughly loves coming to "school". I would like to say a massive thank you to Tereza who has just met with me for 30 minutes - her comments about Eve were kind and will help me to know how to move her on with her learning at home. Jigsaw is a model of good practice, especially communication with parents. Please do let me know if I can support you in any way.
Jeanette Brumby
Head of School
Haseltine Primary School

I would like to thank you so much for the way you and your staff have helped my daughter to settle in at Jigsaw. After the trouble she had at the other preschool I was nervous for her about starting. She herself was worried about being left but your actions on the first day of instantly picking her up and giving her a cuddle when she cried made all the difference (something they did not do at the other preschool). Mum told me how well my daughter did this morning. I could not have imagined that just on the second week she would attend without any tears at all. She talks about you and Lisa at home, the other children she has met and what she has been doing. I am so pleased for her and so very pleased I took her away from the other preschool and chose to come to Jigsaw.

My son Luke attended Jigsaw when I decided to stop working and took him out of nursery. I wasn't sure how well he would settle as he had been taken away from his nursery friends and had his routine disrupted. I needn"t have worried! He would wake every morning pleading to go to preschool and would race there after doing the "big school" drop off. The staff were always friendly and approachable and we had a very happy year there before he left for school. In fact we loved it there so much that my sister decided to place her son at Jigsaw and he loves it too! As a parent it is a friendly place to visit with a Tuesday lunch club that offers the opportunity to make friends with other parents. If you want to get involved with fund raising activites, the staff will be very happy for any input, and again it"s a great way to meet other parents.

Both my sons have attended Jigsaw. They love it and have become confident children whilst attending there. The staff are very caring and supportive of the childrens needs. The facilities are good and always improving and fundraising to purchase further equipment (had big refurb in 2011). The FREE Tues lunch club allows parents to attend and get to know each other. All the staff are very approachable and you can be involved as much as you want to be. Highly recommended.
Fiona Perry

I asked Penny if Issey could attend a day a week at 2 years and 2 months as I was working long hours. I wanted to relieve my mum for a couple of hours a week. I was aware of Jigsaw as my daughter often went to the afternoon playgroup on Monday. As she was my first child I had no idea what made a good school for this age group. When we were invited to attend a visit at Jigsaw I knew instantly this was where my baby would be most happy. For the first few weeks I awaited the report that she cried uncontrollably and didn"t want her mum to leave her " but it never came. The truth of it was that she was whipping her coat off sooner than we could blink. We realised that she was having her time, with her friends surrounded by people she had fallen in love with and adopted as part of her family. She has a special, unique relationship with each of her teachers, it is not just one or two, all of them make Jigsaw what it is. They have helped her develop from a baby into a young lady. She has found lifelong friends and excelled in confidence and intelligence beyond her years. I am not sure if I realised how important the foundation years are, but I do know that Penny and the gang have certainly made single parenthood easier. In July when we depart for big school I know that I have given my daughter the best start, only having the fondest memories of 2 and a half years at Jigsaw that we will hold in our hearts forever.

Thank you so much for helping Emilia to have a smooth transition to preschool. She loves coming to preschool and that is all thanks to your care and dedication.
Sam and John

My daughter really enjoys going to Jigsaw, there is plenty to do to keep her occupied. Activities vary from messy painting, to playing outside in a safe environment, making cakes, growing plants, every day she comes home with something new that she's created. All the staff seem very caring and friendly and there is an informal family feel, which makes learning fun. There are open days/evenings where you can talk to your child's key worker and see the progress your child has made.
Sarah Howard

I've attended Jigsaw preschool with 3 children now and could not ask for a more caring environment for my children. every member of staff is extremely kind and caring and really put the children first in every way. The facilities are fantastic and the set up is very organised. I cannot fault this preschool setting in any way.
Claire Germain

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